My Final Project: A Global Book Club

What were your goals for your lesson/project (Standards)?

I used the ISTE Standards for Administrators to define my goals for the project:

  • Visionary Leadership: e-Learning Vision at EAC

1b. Engage in an ongoing process to develop, implement, and communicate technology-infused
strategic plans aligned with a shared vision

  • Digital Age Learning Culture: Themes of the Book

2e. Promote and participate in local, national,and global learning communities that stimulate innovation, creativity, and digital age collaboration

  • Excellence in Professional Practice: Model by Being a Learning Leader

3b. Facilitate and participate in learning communities that stimulate, nurture and support administrators, faculty, and staff in the study and use of technology

In addition to these standards I also had the goal to pull in different aspects of each course. I wanted to work on visual design, connecting, playing around to figure out new things for myself, and attributing credit where due to name a few.

What tools did you use? Why did you choose this/these tools for this/these task(s)?

I used a variety of tools for my project (see below), but to make my video I used iMovie. I’ve worked on iMovie before, but mainly for fun personal videos of my son or short clips to share with parents for work.  Creating a storyboard, voice, and finding visuals was hard work.  I used icons from The Noun Project and created my avatar on Bitmoji (I feel like one of the cool kids now!).

Google Hangout Air

Youtube Streaming



Vimeo (watched videos from book’s website)

GAFE (Docs, Forms, Email)

I choose some of these because over the course of COETAIL they have become my favorites and others because I wanted to challenge myself.

How did you go about introducing your lesson/project?

I shared my project and asked for participation through my PLN on Twitter. I also shared the project with colleagues at my school.  I realized through this process how hard it is to promote and publicize a project. I wanted to audience to be any educator that was interested, which is different from projects I’ve done with my classes.  I had to tweak my approach, but find the balance between spamming people and putting #GBCreatingInnovators out there.  

How did the students react? Include actual samples of student reflection (video, images, etc)

The members in our group enjoyed the meetings and learned a lot. They would send me brief messages throughout the project thanking or sharing something they learned.  I would love to continue meeting or sharing, though not as frequently to see how implementation at our respective schools goes.

Outcome? Did you meet your goals?

Yes, I met the goals I set, but there’s always room for improvement.  I think if I did another global book club I would have a clearer idea of potential pitfalls and get/give constant feedback.  I would also like to expand it to possibly have parents involved (gasp!).

Evidence of learning? Remember to include student evidence like video, images, reflections.

I think the learning that happened wasn’t always shared out, it was the wrestling with ideas in our heads and ideating how to implement it at our school. I know there was tons of reflection going on as far as the opportunities we provide for students, the language we use, and the lives we model. This project has and the group members I learned with have inspired me to find little ways to look for innovation in each day, as well as push the norms of traditional teaching.

#GBCreatingInnovators Meeting 1

#GBCreatingInnovators Meeting 2

#GBCreatingInnovators Meeting 3

So, COETAILers that’s it…for now.  I am so thankful for COETAIL and its amazing community that has challenged my thinking, encouraged exploration, and improved my teaching.  Tchau for now.

PS: I wanted to give credit to the outline of questions I saw on another COETAILER’s final reflection, but in the midst of a million tabs being open I lost it.  If you know who created these straightforward questions to clearly outline the process please let me know so I can give him or her credit.

A Letter to Myself on SAMR

Dear Megan,

This week of reflection on technology integration was hard for you, you felt frustrated when you reflected on your technology integration according to the SAMR and TPACK model. Sure, as a teacher you felt confident because you knew the content and pedagogical approaches which made finding the right tech tool to take the task/learning up a level felt natural. As a first year administrator you realized you are still finding your footing.  Your day is taken up with tasks that revolve around a computer, but let’s be honest most of it is substitution and augmentation.  

You did find articles on SAMR for educational administrators about file management, staff presentations, community interactions, classroom evaluations, and staff input that were helpful, but what got to you the most was that these articles focused on managerial tasks; not the educational, creative, and passionate stuff you love about education and your job.

You broke your reflection down into three topics: leading by example, supporting teachers, and community. This task made you feel a little better because you really are doing some good “SAM”ing, but as far as redefining administration you aren’t there yet.  

Here are some of the things you came up with: (S=substitution, A=augmentation, M=modification, and R=redefinition)

Lead by Example:


-Google Forms for feedback/reflection (M)

-Today’s Meet (M)  

-Structure of the meeting (less sit and get, more interactive) (M)


-Google Docs you’ve created–teachers can make copy and customize (A)

-Articles and resources you’ve found on Twitter with teachers (A)

-Teachers and students’ brilliant work on Schoology page (A/M)



-CARES student projects–student created videos shared on Schoology  (R)

-cross divisions (A)

-My PLN via Twitter–5th grade DL passion projects, hooking teachers up with others ®



-Share them via Google Drive (A)

-Presentation Zen (S)


Supporting Teachers

Grade Level Meetings

-schedule via Google calendar (A)

-Share minutes via Google Drive (S)

-Teachers compile information prior to meeting via Google Drive (S)



-create and share editable docs (A)

-Data, data, data via Sheets (A)

-Created Google Folders to house live curriculum and student data (A)


Share Resources

-Make “How To” videos for Schoology, PowerSchool, SBG (M)

-Articles (A)

-Apps (Literably,  Seesaw, Shadow Puppet)  (A)



-Google Form for drop ins and sent directly to them (M)

-Student data analysis with Google Sheets (A)


Community Interactions 


-Create informative videos for parents (M)

-Highlight learning with weekly photo posts (M)  

-Disseminate information and ask for feedback (M)  

-Announce parent sessions and important events (A)


Highlight EAC #wearegiants

-Twitter (M)

-Schoology (M)


Parent Sessions

-Interactive (A)

-Infographics for ELL parents (S)


Ask for Input

-Google Forms (M)

-Schoology (M)


The thing that irks you is that you know how powerful technology is as a tool for connecting and pushing people forward in their thinking, but you just can’t figure out how to get it working with where you and your school are now.  But Megan, you need to be patient. When you stepped back you realized how far your school has come in the 4 years since you arrived and then you get excited because that amount of growth is just the beginning.

So Megan, keep doing the substituting and augmenting, keep leading by example and planting little seeds into teachers’ minds, and definitely keep connecting them to other amazing educators around the world. It may take some time, but the seeds will grow, and then although you didn’t implement the redefining moments of learning you did help plant them. As John Quincy Adams said, “If your actions others to dream more, learn more, and do more and become more, you are a leader.”

I know you, and your brain is already thinking of ways to redefine what you do.  Connecting and collaborating with other administrators via #adminchat is a start. Put questions out there, read other administrators’ blogs (like this one), and become a student of great ones you are surrounded by every day.  And Megan, don’t forget purpose and audience, because sometimes you get a little carried away and it’s my job to keep you in check.

May the force be with you,

Your reflective conscience