Walking the Walk

After my post on copyright and sharing Rebekah gave me some great feedback, to be more explicit in how I am applying COETAIL stuff.  My role this year is different than my previous years in teaching because I don’t have a class to call my own.  This has caused a bit of an identity crisis for me, because teaching was what I did. I know that I am still a teacher and now I just have different students–my teachers. Now I am looking for little ways to share and use what I am learning in these courses.

Today I ran our elementary staff meeting, it was a chance for our elementary classroom teachers to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the end of the semester and simply be still and reflect.  We are implementing Reading and Writing workshops for the first time and we wanted to give teachers some protected time to reflect on how far they’ve come and celebrate our success, while at the same time allowing them to look forward to the rest of the year and how we (administrators) can support them more.

When teachers came into the meeting I had ambient house music playing and a presentation on loop (below). I want to practice what I preach, so I made sure to use compfight to find creative commons photographs for all the slides. I also took the time to credit each source with links to their sites and the compfight search page and referenced them on the last slide.

I didn’t give a lesson on attributing sources or using creative commons photographs because that wasn’t the objective of today. Today our focus was on reflection and being thoughtful Giants. Even though I didn’t focus on the presentation some people commented on the pictures as they came in and asked where I found them.  It was a great conversation starter and hopefully they will think about it the next time they create a resource for their class or parents.