Tweaks and Improvements

After our first #GBCreatingInnovators meeting I realized that going a month between meetings would be too long and I was afraid that our momentum might fade. I brainstormed ways to publicize our group and keep up the discussion open in the time between meetings.  I posted articles I found that connected to the themes in our book and started/shared a Flipboard with our group members. But still I didn’t feel that was enough to keep it fresh on all of our busy brains.

Photo Credit: Shin.Shin Flickr via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Shin.Shin Flickr via Compfight cc

I wrote Rebekah asking for some ideas and feedback.  When I got her response I had a Homer Simpson moment, duh why didn’t I think of those ideas.  She suggested creating little challenges for the group, doing a slow chat on Twitter between meetings, and sharing in the Google+ community.

A snippet of Rebekah’s email

I took her up on two of her ideas, I didn’t attempt the Google+ community idea because I felt like my PLN and connections were stronger on Twitter than Google+. I thought back to things that inspired me in our previous COETAIL courses and created a list of challenges ideas.  The one that stuck and others liked trying was visual notetaking. We shared our visual notetaking during the meetings and briefly talked about what we liked, didn’t like, what we could improve, and how we could use it with our students.  


I also did my first (and unsuccessful in my opinion) slow chat. I created an infographic with questions and icons on Piktochart and Tweeted it out to the world.  Looking back I needed to be clearer on the length of the slow chat and I needed to send it out to a broader group than just the #GBCreatingInnovators group. Another thing I would do is bring the slow chat to my school, sharing my learning with the #wearegiants community.  If I do another slow chat in the future I will create a bulletin board or another avenue to share and get input from the teachers at my school.


Those are two little tweaks/additions I made to make the #GBCreatingInnovators more meaningful and embedded into our lives. I would’ve liked to try more, but I had to find the balance of things I could do well and commit to with the rest of the happenings in my life.

Final Project: The Quest for Feedback

I’m sure this post is a little premature, but I loved Rob’s idea of getting feedback on his final project and then making adjustments.  I’m following my learning from Course 2 and I am stealing his idea, and of course giving him credit. Right now, I have two versions (monochromatic vs. colorful), so feedback on that and any other things would be much obliged.

eCV Megan Kuemmerlin
Monochromatic Version
e CV with Colors
Colorful Version

After I get feedback I plan to make this into an interactive CV by putting it on Thinglink. I want to have links to videos of me in action, images of my former classes/current projects, letters of recommendation, and access to documents/presentations I’ve created.

I would love some honest (I can take it, I have thick skin) feedback.  Thank you in advance for the help and support.