To Share or Not to Share?

When blogging your voice is really important, you want to make sure you are making sense and appealing to your target audience.  I hadn’t thought much about this until Trina sent this tweet to me.

Twitter Voice

She is absolutely correct, the voice I write with on here is totally different than the voice I use for my personal blog. My personal blog is to document my life for family back home, my future self, and my son, and I basically write stream of consciousness and captions for photographs. Whereas this blog is to document and share my learning. I never realized how I code switched in my blogs. My two audiences are different and I switch to to fit the need.  I doubt my family cares about PLN, embedding technology, etc and I highly doubt that you all care when my son sits up on his own.

That got me thinking. How much of my personal life do I share on my professional profile. Jeff talked about mixing our Flipboard with our Facebook and Instagram so that we will go there to read more often.  Will mixing my personal and professional online presence create a stronger PLN?  Some of my PLN like Clint and Liz mix their personal and professional lives online, while others such as Ku and Pernille tend to stick to only sharing professional content. Do I feel more connected to one over the other?

I normally just share professional content on twitter, but sometimes I will link my Instagram to Twitter.  I don’t have a problem sharing, but for some reason I have just used it to build my PLN.  What about you?  Do you mix your lives online?  Do you code switch between different blogs? Do you feel a stronger connection with people in your PLN that intertwine their lives?  Thanks Trina for bringing this up, I enjoyed reflecting on it.