Final Project Planning: Learn Together

In all my courses in COETAIL I keep circling back to the idea of connectedness and the power of PLNs. The final project for course 5 needs to be big, Redefinition big. What better way to harness the power of my amazing PLN than to learn together through a book. I’ll be honest, I am stealing an idea I saw on Twitter.

Ben Sheridan's Twitter
Ben Sheridan‘s Twitter


While this isn’t a novel redefinition, I think it will combine all aspects of things I’ve learned in COETAIL, challenge my organizational skills, and lead to great discussion and learning that fits the theme of COETAIL from Tony Wagner’s book Creating Innovators.

QR Code to videos within the book
QR Code to videos within the book


Here’s where I need your help.  I am recruiting educators from around the world to join our book club and would love if you could pass this Form around. #creatinginnovators


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