Ashamed or Amazed?

I’ve noticed a trend on blogs and websites, such as Medium, and I can’t decide if I’m ashamed or amazed by it.  Underneath the title of an article there is a little line that tells you how long it will/should take you to read it.

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Made with PicMonkey

Part of me says, “Brilliant!” I can decide what I want to read and what isn’t worth my time. However the other part of me is wondering if this is what’s next in our lives. Will I miss a great read or some interesting information because it is a “16 min read”? Is this time reminder weeding out good reads for the sake of time. It also made me wonder who figures out the length of time to read it.  Will it make struggling readers more aware of their weakness? I’m sure there is a science behind it, people are probably more likely to read an article that takes less time.

2 Replies to “Ashamed or Amazed?”

  1. Don’t people skim anyway, regardless of the minutes recommended? I love theskimm for that reason… 😉

    Facetiousness aside, I am curious, too – you raise the same questions in me. I wonder what my students would say?

    1. Yes, I skim too. I’m wondering if people will skip over something because of the time issue. You bring up a good point about teaching the art of skimming. I love the skimm too!

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