Ready or not…


I just got home from our weekly elementary PD session and am so encouraged and reflecting a lot.  Our teacher tech leaders from the eLearning committee lead the session on SAMR. They started with the why and then modeled how to start with the standard first to SAMR.  The discussion and questions were so lively, there was such a buzz going on in the room my principal and I decided to put off what we had planned for a later date.  We wanted to capture this energy and let teachers collaborate, discuss their fears and confusion, and review their standards for opportunities.

I’m so encouraged because I gave a SAMR training to the whole school three years ago and I was frustrated beyond belief. At the time I was so focused and excited to share and have people start using SAMR, I forgot to take read the school culture and readiness. Looking back it was very apparent that as a school we just weren’t ready for it yet, but I tried to force it. Fast forward three years and I am wiser more experienced and have COETAIL to thank for helping me realize that it’s all relative and all about the needs of our schools. We can’t force something people aren’t ready for, it will just be frustrating for all people involved. Instead we need to respect each other and meet people where they are. Our teachers have been resilient and have accepted new instructional strategies, programs, and other huge changes…they just weren’t ready.  Until today.

Today I saw teachers’ lightbulbs going on off, I watched team initiated collaboration, and I heard teachers being open and honest about where they were in their tech comfort levels. Teachers that normally sit back asked hard questions, questions that lead to long in depth conversations and it made my heart so happy.

Proud of these teachers

I think in teaching we are so immersed in our profession we forget to take time to sit and reflect at how far we (ourselves, our students, our colleagues, our school) have come.  Today I did that, and man did it feel great. I’m so proud of the fact we now have an eLearning committee with teacher leading the training. I’m proud of teachers for taking the risk and asking their questions.  I’m proud that we are adopting the SAMR model. I’m proud of teachers for stretching themselves outside of their comfort zones.

Today was a good day.

Final Project Planning: Learn Together

In all my courses in COETAIL I keep circling back to the idea of connectedness and the power of PLNs. The final project for course 5 needs to be big, Redefinition big. What better way to harness the power of my amazing PLN than to learn together through a book. I’ll be honest, I am stealing an idea I saw on Twitter.

Ben Sheridan's Twitter
Ben Sheridan‘s Twitter


While this isn’t a novel redefinition, I think it will combine all aspects of things I’ve learned in COETAIL, challenge my organizational skills, and lead to great discussion and learning that fits the theme of COETAIL from Tony Wagner’s book Creating Innovators.

QR Code to videos within the book
QR Code to videos within the book


Here’s where I need your help.  I am recruiting educators from around the world to join our book club and would love if you could pass this Form around. #creatinginnovators